Karen Gill

Karen Gill, granddaughter of Bill Shankly, and author of book, The Real Bill Shankly, is the patron of Spirit of Shankly. Karen, who also is Chairperson of the Liverpool Supporters Committee, released the following statement outlining her, and the Shankly family's support, for SOS:

First I would like to thank each and everyone of you for honouring my grandfather's name by calling this Union 'The Spirit of Shankly'. For me though it's more than just honouring his name. In these times of corporate gluttony I am truly heartened to discover that there are still so many people who embody my granddad's spirit. It's an Olympic spirit: passionate pure and true. It's a dream of greatness and glory which comes from dedication, hard work and integrity. In this dream, money is only a means to an end, it's not the end itself. My granddad had a dream for Liverpool Football Club and you are all helping to keep that dream alive. It's the people with dreams who achieve things in the end because they have a vision which drives them on.

We know Bill Shankly "made the people happy", but I know that you would have all made him happy were he alive to see this legendary support today. I speak on behalf of the Shankly family when I say that we are wholeheartedly behind The Spirit of Shankly.

Karen Gill, March 2008