Tom Hicks and George Gillett


Protests? Protests at Anfield? In May 2007 we were all looking forward to Athens. How long ago it seems now. Almost like a lifetime. Around that time as well, there were protests. Not against Hicks and Gillett, but against Rick Parry, and the disgraceful way of allocating tickets for the final, the lack of tickets for fans, and the now infamous "I won't play the numbers game" ballot. 

To all those protesting it was a big step. Something never seen at Anfield before. But it had to be done, we had to stand up for ourselves. Some didn't agree. Some felt it would set a dangerous precedent. All those taking part, didn't want to be there. They never wanted to be there again. We all hoped there would never be a need again. We done what we felt was right, not just on a spur of the moment, but even after hours and days of contemplation it was the right thing to do, in our minds, and still is. We protested. We made our point. Then we went back to supporting the Reds. We expected that to be the end of the matter.

From January 2008 protests unfortunately had to become the norm in the supporters' efforts to oust Tom Hicks and George Gillett. The protests encompassed many aspects from stay behinds in the ground and in the Main Stand Car Park to mass marches and the big dig when we put a spade in the ground in Stanley Park which Hicks and Gillett had failed to do.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett

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