Spirit of Shankly is committed to helping the next generation of supporters, to enable them to witness and enjoy the success that previous generations of supporters have seen. We have raised many questions with the Club with regard to issues such as ticketing and pricing strategy and we will continue to raise these and other important issues especially with regard to how they affect the younger generation of supporters. 

To help provide for young supporters and help represent their needs we have a FREE child (0-11 years) and youth (12-17 years) memberships which you can join via our join page.

In the past we have also provided holiday activities for children by running FREE coaching camps. We intend to build on these activities which allow children to watch and support Liverpool FC, but also highlight the social and health benefits football can provide.

All activities run by the Union are done so with the help of volunteers. If you wish to lend your support and help out  with any of the activities targeted at the child and youth members, or you require more information about the Union's child and youth membership then contact us at