AGM Voting Results

Following our AGM, held on Tuesday 19th March 2019, members have voted on all the proposals put before them. All proposals were voted for in favour, with the full results below.

Voting Outcomes

The Management Committee put the following proposals to before the AGM. They were all formally proposed by the Chair and seconded by the Treasurer. The votes for each are below each proposal.
Proposal 1 – Management Committee
That the AGM ratify the appointment of the following to the LSU Management Committee, following the nominations received to stand:
Graham Smith
Stephen Monaghan
Steph Jones
Peter Hooton
Goronwy Brookes
Joe Blott
Ian Byrne
Phil Rowan
Roy Bentham
Kieth Culvin
Anna Burgess
John Nicolson (new)
Chris Owen (new)
In Favour 96.65%
Against 0.56%
Abstentions 2.79%
Proposal 2 – Recording of Thanks
That the AGM acknowledge the service and time given by the following on the LSU Management Committee and record a message of thanks from this meeting:
Jay McKenna
Jon-Paul Hill
Jackie Taylor
Tommy Keiner
In Favour 99.44%
Against 0%
Abstentions 0.56%
Proposal 3 – Annual Accounts
That the Annual Accounts placed before the AGM are approved.
In Favour 93.56%
Against 0%
Abstentions 6.44%
Proposal 4 – Auditing
That pursuant to Rule 60, and upon the Treasurer certifying that the Union falls below the statutory audit exemption rules that no audit is required of the Union’s accounts that have been placed before the AGM
In Favour 89.89%
Against 2.53%
Abstentions 7.58%
Proposal 5 – Ticket Prices
That this Union resolves to continue to seek a fairer pricing for tickets for LFC matches both home and away and calls upon LFC to positively engage with the Union in looking to lower ticket prices and to make access to LFC matches more affordable and available for local, young supporters.
In Favour 99.16%
Against 0.28%
Abstentions 0.56%
Proposal 6 – Supporters’ Forums
While the Union recognises the hard work from the Head of Club and Supporter Liaison at LFC it calls upon LFC to review the operation of the supporter’ forums – some of which have met only once in over 12 months and to recognise that the supporter engagement is suffering under the current approach despite the hard work put in by all forum members to make these work
The Union calls upon LFC to create a new engagement process by working collaboratively with the Spirit of Shankly, the Club’s recognised trust.
In Favour 98.32%
Against 0.56%
Abstentions 1.12%
Proposal 7 – Anti-racism
This union stands against racism and fascism at all times, in football and outside of football.
In recent years, we have seen groups, old and new, seek to try and divide us under the guise of names like the FLA, or those who have sought to march in our city.
As Liverpool fans, but more importantly citizens, we are very proud of the response from the people of Liverpool – to be open and welcoming, not ignorant and insular.
We have seen the positive work done with all in our community. Our Foodbank initiative, Fans Supporting Foodbanks, works closely with the Muslim community across the city. This should be the message from football – bringing together all, regardless of race or religion.
We must stand against anyone that wishes to divide fans on race, religion, gender, sexuality or any other reason. We acknowledge the great work done by organisations in and out of football such as Kick it Out, Show Racism the Red Card, Merseyside Together and Stand up to Racism who educate and organise in opposing racism and fascism.
Unity is strength. No pasarán
In Favour 98.04%
Against 0.84%
Abstentions 1.12%
Proposal 8 – Banning and sanctions process
Earlier this year, LFC consulted with supporters on new proposals for sanctioning, and banning supporters. This followed the union raised concerns from a number of cases we had been involved in.  These included:
– Supporters not being provided information about why they were being investigated or sanctioned
– Lack of evidence to support the claims made against supporters
– Lack of policies or procedures in place to guide the club or supporters on what should happen
This followed issues raised last year by the union on behalf of supporters, during which time the club changed their policy of banning supporters pending an investigation and began updating the supporter charter.
We note the recent improvements by the club, and engagement with the union and supporters to improve this. We fully understand the need for the club to investigate as they see fit. We have consistently called for this to be done in a robust, fair and transparent way.
Whilst we will endeavour to continue to work with the club, and believe recent changes are a step in the right direction, including appointment of an indepent person to the appeal panel stage, it is our view that the club can do more to improve this process.
Allowing supporters to attend their sanctions and appeals panel for example, something currently not allowed, would help build trust that the system and processes are fair to both sides.
Working with supporters, we believe the club can and should set the Premier League standard in all that it does, and not seek to replicate others.
Therefore, we call upon the club to:
– Provide letters and documentary evidence to supporters at the earliest opportunity that explain in detail what it is alleged they have done, why this is wrong and on what basis the allegation has been made
– Provide all evidence to any supporter prior to an initial sanctions panel and appeal panel stage
– Allow for the supporter to attend and panels or hearings, with representation if requested
– End the widespread targeting/harvesting of tickets fairly used by friends and family until such time that the club has enacted a friends and family policy in consultation with supporters.
We believe these changes would build trust and enable club and supporters to concentrate on more pressing matters.
In Favour 98.03%
Against 0.84%
Abstentions 1.41%
Proposal 9 – Mental Health
We acknowledge the magnificent work done over the recent years of those seeking to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote the support that is there to help people throughout our communities.
As the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 we recognise the urgent need to create the space for people to talk about mental health and seek the help they need. We propose to continue to work with local organisations and other supporters’ trusts to promote mental health awareness and demonstrate that it’s okay to not be okay to encourage people to open up about their thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Lastly we encourage our members and the wider supporter base to always seek help from friends, family and designated services if they are suffering in any way.
In Favour 99.72%
Against 0%
Abstentions 0.28%
Proposal 10 – Supporting the local community
 This union is committed to supporting the Anfield community in which our football club is based. We recognise the impact on local residents from tens of thousands of supporters turning up weekly throughout the season.
It has always been the aim of this union to support those seeking to improve the Anfield area. It is why we co-founded Fans Supporting Foodbanks and we are one of those supporting the #MoreThanAStadium campaign.
This AGM commits to continuing our support for this work.
Furthermore, this union remains committed to seeking improvements for the Anfield area. We note recent reports about a proposed train station for the Anfield area, which would bring significant benefits to supporters but more importantly, local residents and businesses. This AGM supports all efforts like this, to ensure that all, including supporters and residents, share in the success of our football club.
In Favour 99.44%
Against 0.28%
Abstentions 0.28%