Apply for LFC fan forums

A couple of months ago Liverpool FC announced plans to set up a number of fan forums to enhance supporter engagement. There are to be five forums each made up of eight to 12 supporters. Spirit of Shankly will also have a seat on each forum, which will be taken up by current committee members. 

The five forums are

Ticket Pricing

Ticket Availability


Local Supporter Engagement

Equality and Diversity

We have always believed it is right that our membership has their voice heard inside the club and would therefore like to encourage our members to apply for a seat on one of these forums here.

Deadline for applications is Friday 25 August.

SOS welcome the opportunity to have a seat on each forum as recognition of our role in dealing with supporter concerns. We have over the years been proactive with campaigning on the issues that are to be addressed here. We believe our relationship with the club is, and should be, constructive even though at times we may disagree. We also consider the appointment of Tony Barrett as Head of Club and Supporter Liaison a smart one. Tony fully understands the issues supporters face as demonstrated in his newspaper writing and experience as a match-going supporter.

There are of course many questions and concerns from fans about how this new structure will work; how people will be randomly selected; how it will ensure those with the right experience take part; how accountable it will be; and whether the club and ownership will truly listen.

Only time will tell, but SOS will continue to raise the questions that affect our members and all supporters and speak out on their behalf.