Direct action from Saturday

Spirit Of Shankly has a clear message for George Gillett and Tom Hicks – You’re not welcome here. The sooner they get that message, the better, for LFC, its fans, and for the wider community. On Saturday, that message was once again given to George Gillett. When he arrived at Melwood early Saturday morning to show around visitors from Saudi Arabia, the last thing he would have expected was fans to be waiting for his arrival and to protest at his presence. That was exactly what he got, and he was left in no doubt as to the feelings of fans when he hastily departed from Melwood upon being confronted.

Whilst Gillett sought sanctuary at the club’s academy, he was once again confronted by fans, who made their feelings known. Gillett, in an attempt to quell any anger, offered to answer questions from one of the Union’s members present. As expected, and as is the custom for George Gillett and his partner Tom Hicks, the validity of what he had to say was questionable at the least. Whilst repeatedly making comparisons with Chelsea and Manchester United, Gillett made a number of claims, one of which is an easily proven lie. When asked about the stadium, and Gillett saying there would be a spade in the ground in 60 days, Gillett not only denied saying this, but accused co-owner Tom Hicks of saying it. The video here shows the press conference where that claim was made.

Make your own mind up about who said it, but if you are watching it George, you�re the short one, grey hair and wearing glasses. Tom is the other one, much bigger with his mouth closed for once.

At Anfield, much greater numbers gave a louder message. Outside the Directors’ Entrance, those gathered made their voices heard, so those in the Directors’ Box could hear it – Tom and George are not welcome. Inside the ground, whilst banners were displayed at the front of the Kop, “Yank Liar$ Out” and “Tom & George Tell Lie$”, an excessive number of stewards were on show in an attempt to quell any protest and display of banners. To stop them being displayed, Liverpool FC sent Merseyside Police to remove the banners. Fans holding the banners were threatened with ejection from the ground if they did not comply.

When asked why the banners had to be removed as they weren’t racist, political or offensive, fans were told that they were causing an obstruction. The case was argued that other banners create a much bigger obstruction, and that the banners had been displayed in previous matches, but it fell on deaf ears, and one of the banners was confiscated by Merseyside Police. LFC and the powers that be can continue to try and stifle the protests, with a heavy steward presence and an increased volume on the PA system, but maybe they should remember that without fans coming through the gates each week, they wouldn’t have a job.

Regardless of attempts to stop us, or attempts to deflect our issues, the message remains the same…..

“Tom and George – Not Welcome Here”

Spirit Of Shankly