Election reminder

The Spirit of Shankly Management Committee reminds members that the deadline for nominations for positions upon the Management Committee expires on 7th December 2009.

There are likely to be positions available on the Management Committee as some members of the Committee will be seeking alternative positions upon the Committee while Chairman Paul Rice is standing down after being on the Committee since the Union’s inception.

Paul commented  “I am extremely proud of the progress we have made in the past two years – from the ‘300 divvies’ in the Sandon in January 2008 we now have a membership approaching 4,000, we have continually exposed the owners for the charlatans that they are whilst developing a positive relationship with the club’s new executive management team. We have also played a major role in securing the release of Michael Shields and introduced a competitive, not for profit, means of travel to away games for our members. For personal and professional reasons I am no longer able to give the time needed to chair the organisation, but I remain actively committed to SOS and I have every faith in the rest of the committee to continue the great work they have done to date.”

The Management Committee will review the position when the nomination deadline has passed. If there are any positions that fail to receive any nominations the Management Committee will look at procedures to fill those with the members’ agreement.