For our team we’ll travel anywhere …?

When LFC published the selling details for our away Champions League fixture against Porto, we noted with interest that the price of tickets had been omitted. We were extremely concerned to see that the club were “in discussions with UEFA to clarify the pricing structure for this game”.

We contacted LFC to understand the situation, given the recent events involving Manchester United and Sevilla.

Yesterday, the prices were confirmed, albeit with a caveat that LFC are still pressing for the prices to be reduced.

Such prices are unacceptable and it is yet again an abuse of supporter loyalty. We have contacted the club about this and will look to continue dialogue. We will be contacting other supporters, including our colleagues at the Manchester United Supporters Trust who have recently experienced the same issue, to work together to tackle this issue. We will, in due course, be writing to UEFA to ask them how even if such prices meet the technical requirements of the law, whether they are in the spirit of it.

It is encouraging to note that LFC are acting on behalf of supporters. However more needs to be done to prevent the greed that exists in football, and as ever we are willing to take up the fight for supporters.