FSG strategy needs to back the manger

With speculation growing about when, if not who, the next manager of Liverpool will be, Spirit of Shankly are keen to point out he will be the fourth in just five years, evidence that FSG’s strategy, to date, is plainly not working.

The success of our club was built on Shankly’s premise that football people take care of the football, the owners provide the means to make that happen. It served us well.

If FSG are legitimate in their statement that “Ambition and winning are at the heart of what we want to bring to Liverpool” we ask that they support the new man with a new strategy – and that means an end to the current transfer-and-wages policy that is more likely to result in continued mediocrity than a return to challenging for titles.

We therefore ask FSG not only to appoint the man they believe can take us back to the top but give him the means and backing to do it.