Huang withdraws from sale process – what next?

The news that Kenny Huang will not be pursuing his interest in purchasing Liverpool Football Club is the latest in the ongoing saga at the Club, which further underlines the increasingly desperate need for change.

The LFC boardroom has resembled a badly written soap opera in recent years with the actions of Tom Hicks, George Gillett and other board members highlighting ineptitude and lack of understanding.  The current sale process is just as badly written – rumour, speculation, PR and misinformation has replaced truth, honesty and integrity. Like all supporters, we share the anger and frustration about how this situation is being handled.

We have questions that need answering. Getting honest answers to these questions is important if the Club we love is to move forward and leave this mess behind. We will once again seek to get honest and accurate answers, to ensure we are properly informed about the situation, from those who are involved.

We would urge all those involved in the sale process to consider supporters feelings and the role we can play in all this. Having seen what happens when you get a sale wrong, we would like to hope this is not going to happen again. Supporters are already sceptical, cautious and reluctant to take anything on face value.  Keeping us involved and informed is an essential part of the purchase process.

Having seen all too clearly the damage the wrong owners can do, it is our job to make sure the next owners are the right ones. Asking questions, having doubts and reservations is not wrong, but perfectly natural given our circumstances. Our voices should be heard. Any owner worthy of us and our football club will do well to remember that.

Supporters, the famed 12th Man, have made this football club what it is. All too quickly we are used for marketing purposes, for our support. Well now we want our voice heard to make sure the Club we care about is protected, not for business men for the next decade, but for supporters for the next century and beyond.