Inaugural Annual General Meeting

Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters’ Union, is pleased to announce details of our Inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be taking place on Saturday 21st February 2009. The AGM will start at 11:30am, and will take place in the Liverpool Lighthouse, on Oakfield Road, Anfield.

As the letter explains, we tried to be as accommodating as possible, by arranging the AGM on a matchday (Liverpool were due to play Manchester City at home on this day), however that game has now been put back 24 hours, but we have to stick with the initial date for our AGM due to the lateness of the decision. We hope everyone can still attend.

In the next few days, you will be receiving Nomination Packs from Electoral Reform Services, who are responsible for the entire process of nominations and voting, to ensure transparency, accuracy, and fairness. In the pack will be a letter giving details about the AGM, a Nominations form, and details on the roles and responsibilities. Please read the roles and responsibilities before submitting a nomination. Please follow the instructions in the pack to return your nominations, and remember, at the moment, you are standing for a position on the committee, not a specific role. These will be decided later amongst the committee that has been appointed.

If more than 15 nominations are received before the closing date, Electoral Reform Services will send out details of all those standing (including the 200 words you have written as your ‘manifesto’), and a vote will take place. If 15 or less nominations are received, all will automatically be elected onto the committee unopposed.

The Inaugural AGM is an important milestone for Spirit Of Shankly, as it comes a little over a year since our very first mass meeting, held at The Olympia on 16th February 2007. We will be able to look back on the year, but more importantly, move forward, with a democratically elected committee, and with a fresh outlook on what our members want us to achieve in the next year. This, will be the first of many AGM’s to come.

Spirit of Shankly