Is following LFC away too expensive?

In the modern game of football ticket prices are a massive focus for all football supporters with many being priced out of attending some or all of the matches they had attended in previous seasons. This was further highlighted in the BBC Price of Football survey which was published last week. This placed Liverpool FC as having the 2nd most expensive “cheapest match-day ticket” and the third most expensive “cheapest season ticket.” 

The cost of following LFC adds a much greater burden when the price of attending away matches is considered. With LFC allocated as a Category A, or similar, team when visiting other Premier League grounds this means that Liverpool supporters pay much more than the cheapest match day ticket offered to the home team across the course of the season. This creates added pressure on supporters wishing to support and follow their club in a time when many are struggling financially.
For Liverpool’s first match of the season against West Brom, away supporters were charged £39, West Brom’s most expensive match-day ticket of the season and £14 more than their cheapest ticket of the season. Against Norwich, Liverpool supporters were charged £50, which is the price of Norwich’s most expensive match-day ticket and £20 more than their cheapest match-day ticket over the course of the season. The recently announced ticket prices for the match at Stamford Bridge are more expensive than any match-day ticket at Anfield (excluding corporate tickets) and at least £15 more expensive than Chelsea’s cheapest match-day ticket over the course of the season.
Following from previous consultation with members over ticketing we have raised many issues with LFC and the LFC Supporters’ Committee as discussed in our latest podcast. Through the Supporters Direct Premier League Trust Group, that the Union are a part of, we will be raising the issue of what LFC away supporters are charged. We also wish to hear from members who attend away games so that we can create a working group on this issue as part of the Campaigns and Events Sub Committee. If you wish to be a part of this working group or have any feedback on away ticket pricing please contact us at