LeBron James

Spirit Of Shankly has noted with interest, the recent news that LeBron James has acquired a minority shareholding in Liverpool FC, as part of his commercial tie up with Fenway Sports Management, a subsidiary of Fenway Sports Group.

Supporters have, naturally, begun to ask questions about this transaction as the ownership of our football club is one issue that should always remain transparent. It is the aim of Spirit Of Shankly to hold any owner of Liverpool FC to account, and accordingly we will be contacting Liverpool FC to ask questions about this news.

The news is also somewhat surprising, given that James has been offered a stake in the club on a commercial basis while our proposal regarding the purchase of a supporter stake in the club has yet to yield a response from the club. At the time of our proposal the reason given for the club not being able to respond was that the owners needed time to get acquainted with the task at hand.

Clearly, as the James deal shows, that time has now passed. We therefore urge the club to give our proposal full consideration. After all, if it’s “global reach” that FSG are looking for when identifying stakeholders, who is better placed than Liverpool’s “Supporters All Over The World”?

We will report to members further, as and when we have more information.