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Following consultation with the Supporters Forum, LFC’s recent change in policy for members and future credits left many supporters angry and frustrated. In response, we stated that we understood the club’s desire to help a greater number of existing members, but had concerns over the implementation – verified by the number of fans who contacted us – and went back to the club for discussion.

To be clear, there were Spirit of Shankly committee members on the Supporters Forum, who were involved in initial discussions. At that time, SOS did secure significant movement as a direct result of our challenges, but we were not in agreement with many other suggested changes and they were resisted.

We acknowledge the principle of the credit following the person who attends the game, but also believe not every situation is black and white and elements of this policy require further consideration. Furthermore, we don’t believe this is the right season to implement change. We are in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, there is transport disruption and Covid has not gone away. We appealed several times that the change be deferred until season 23/24.

The club are intent on moving forward with their plan and will not delay it. But following lengthy talks and persuasive discussions they have offered certain concessions.

Members with 13-plus credits will be given 2 ‘free hits’ per season, meaning they can move their ticket on twice without losing the credit. Also, any games moved from the weekend to midweek will be exempt, providing they are played within 28 days of the original fixture.

We have made progress in returning to talks and negotiating these positive concessions and thank the club for reviewing their plan. Although they are not what we specifically requested they do mean that supporters with long-standing match attendance, built up over years, are better protected. At the same time, we appreciate it does not remove the challenge for many and we hold that it would have been better to delay until next season. It is not what we asked, but ultimately the club are going ahead with their new policy.

LFC have told us that they will review the situation for next season.