Membership system changes

We have recently made changes to our membership admin system that means how you join or renew your membership with Spirit of Shankly is different.

Previously our membership had been managed via our website. However, after reviewing this and looking at alternatives, we have moved our membership system to a provider called LoveAdmin.

This is still managed by Spirit of Shankly, and your data and personal information is still secure. The new set-up is easier for us to manage, easier for you to join or renew (sending things like renewal emails and welcome emails automatically) and it’s better for the union financially. All of this means we can spend more of our time representing supporters and making a difference.

If you’re renewing

If you’ve previously been a member in the last couple of years, or know that you need to renew, you will notice some small differences. You should have had a renewal email from us, which comes via the LoveAdmin system, so don’t worry if you wonder who this is. It will have Spirit of Shankly in the name it is sent from.

Your renewal, and future ones, will direct you renew via LoveAdmin and not our website. Once you’ve renewed, you will be able to log in via the link sent to you. But don’t worry we will send you automatic reminders when it’s time to renew again.

(If you haven’t had an email and need to renew – check your spam folders or junk inbox, and if it’s still not there, email

Website changes

If you’ve not joined before, it will all be new to you. You just need to visit  and select your membership and you’ll soon be a member. If you know you’ve changed email addresses or can’t remember if you have previously join, we would recommend rejoining this way.

New member

Our website is taking a bit of time to catch up to these changes – so the links on our site to Join/Renew are no longer applicable. We will soon remove these. We know some of you still log-in via the website in the top right hand corner; this will also soon be removed, so no longer applies. As long as you’ve renewed or joined via Love Admin, you’re a member.

If you’ve got any questions or you aren’t sure what you need to do, get in touch – on Twitter or Facebook or emailing.

Thanks for your support.