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Sparta Prague Ticketing

Spirit of Shankly has become increasingly concerned with the increase in ticket prices for supporters, which has led to many members contacting us to ask what we can do about it.

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Twenty’s plenty becomes a reality

A scheme launched today will cap a Premier League away ticket at £20. Following on from this season’s cap of £30, for one round of fixtures in April, an away ticket will cost £20 – making the slogan ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ a reality.It is the result of a joint venture between the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) and Virgin Media.

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Hillsborough Witness Appeal

The Liverpool Supporters’ Union was recently contacted by a number of supporters concerned about the clubs plans for away supporters which was to involve away ticket checks and threatened subsequent banning orders.

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Members presentation Q&A

Members presentation Q&A These are the questions, and answers, received before, during and after the SOS members meeting on Tuesday 1 June 2021. Some were answered ‘live’ on the night, the others we are working through. We will continue to update this list over the next few days. Representation / Supporters Board In what format will the Supporters Board be set up: how many members, when and how often will they meet, will the meetings be instigated only as and when there are major issues to be raised and discussed? SOS: These are still details [...]

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Barcelona Pricing Policy a Joke

Liverpool supporters’ elation at making it to yet another Champions League semi-final has been overshadowed by the news that tickets for away fans, who travel to Barcelona, will cost €119.

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Supporters call for fair City pricing

Following yesterday's Champions League quarter-final draw, Spirit Of Shankly and Spion Kop 1906 are calling on both clubs to do the right thing by their fans. Given the escalated ticket prices for travelling supporters so far in this season’s competition, there is an opportunity here to send a strong statement on the value of supporters beyond money.

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Supporters say no to Christmas eve football

Football supporters know all too well the impact that changes to the fixture schedule can have. Plans are rearranged and often expense incurred when a match is moved to accommodate cup football or TV scheduling. We have very little, if any, say, despite being the most put on stakeholders in the game.

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Liverpool and United say £nough is £nough

Amid the frenetic atmosphere of the Liverpool - Manchester United game last weekend, supporters of both clubs were able to put their fierce rivalry to one side to display solidarity on an issue that affects all supporters, regardless of team colours. That issue is the price of match tickets and the message is simple - £nough is £nough.

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Football without fans is nothing

At a time of increasing commercialisation, it’s important to remember what made the game of football the sport it is today. Footballers, managers and the supporters. Or the ‘Holy Trinity’ as Bill Shankly liked to call it.

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On Saturday morning, before Liverpool's home game with Wigan Athletic, Spirit of Shankly hosted a very well attended meeting at the Sandon Pub - where the Liverpool Supporters' Union was founded almost five years ago. The central focus of the meeting was a panel debate and members' discussion around the ever increasing price of match tickets, particularly certain away fixtures. Joining the Union's Jay McKenna on the platform were Bob Humphries and Les Wright from the Liverpool Supporters' Committee.

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Agreement reached after talks with LFC

Agreement reached after talks with LFC Spirit of Shankly met with representatives of Liverpool FC’s board on Tuesday 18 May 2021 to continue talks on the union’s four requests. We can now report the outcome – to be ratified by members. A Supporters Board is to be established and written into the club’s regulations making it a legally binding agreement. SOS will be head of this board. ≠ There will be a formal recognition agreement between SOS and LFC. This will become part of the club’s constitution so that if / when the ownership changes, this [...]

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Walk out on ’77 : 5 years ago today

Walk out on '77 : 5 years ago today Today, Saturday 6 February, marks the fifth anniversary of fans walking out of Anfield in protest at ticket-price increases. This unprecedented action was broadcast around the world and led to LFC’s owners apologising to fans and backing down. Following months of ongoing discussions with Spirit of Shankly and @SpionKop1906 over their future pricing policy, at the start of 2016 LFC announced increases for the following season. These included seats in the newly constructed Main Stand at £77 per game. At a time when TV revenue was [...]

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Champions of Everything and Everywhere

Champions of Everything and Everywhere On Wednesday, 22 July, Jordan Henderson will finally lift the Premier League trophy. Spirit of Shankly wish to congratulate him, the team, and Jürgen Klopp and his management team on this fantastic achievement. The downside of the victory is that fans won’t be inside Anfield to witness this, and any victory parade around the city will be delayed. But what a brilliant season it has been. Its unusual nature has led SOS to concentrate on community activities. We set up our Help is Here campaign alongside supporting and sharing efforts [...]

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SOS and Blue Union Joint Statement

SOS and Blue Union Joint Statement When it was announced players were to resume training, the focus on football returned to how the season should be concluded. For Spirit of Shankly and The Blue Union, our primary concern remains the number of cases and tragic deaths from Covid-19. Ideally competitive football would restart when it is safe for all – players, officials, matchday staff and the game’s main stakeholders, supporters. In reality this is unlikely. The consensus is that if the season is to be finished it will be behind closed doors without fans. Therefore [...]

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Christmas Spirit? Not Here

Christmas Spirit? Not Here Liverpool FC will play Everton FC in the FA Cup Third-Round. When the tie, to be played on 5 January 2020 at Anfield, was announced Spirit of Shankly and Everton's Blue Union jointly asked that the clubs consider charging a maximum £20 per ticket. We hoped they would see it as a great gesture at this particularly expensive time of year for supporters. But no. The announcement for ticket prices – £31 to £50 in the Kop and Anfield Road – means away fans will be paying more than they would [...]

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Disparity Rules

Liverpool will play MK Dons away in the third round of the Carabao Cup on 25 September. Ticket details for those travelling to the game initially revealed that LFC season-ticket holders were being charged less than LFC members for the same ticket.

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Meeting Request from SYP

Spirit of Shankly have been contacted by some of our disabled supporters regarding the poor allocation of tickets from Barcelona for the Champions League fixture on 1 May. We have shared their details with LFC.

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June Update from the Chair

Spirit of Shankly have been contacted by some of our disabled supporters regarding the poor allocation of tickets from Barcelona for the Champions League fixture on 1 May. We have shared their details with LFC.

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Message from the Chair

Spirit of Shankly have been contacted by some of our disabled supporters regarding the poor allocation of tickets from Barcelona for the Champions League fixture on 1 May. We have shared their details with LFC.

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Anfield is Home to Football

Spirit of Shankly have noted with concern reports in the press that LFC are discussing hosting a pre-season ‘home’ match against Napoli at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in July. The club are also considering other stadiums, including venues in Scotland.

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Seeking assurances over Barcelona tie

Following a consecutive great and successful trip to Porto, LFC have reached another Champions League semi-final. This time we meet Barcelona.Amid the excitement and anticipation of the next two games, those hoping to travel to Spain will have concerns about both the cost and availability of tickets.

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AGM Voting Results

Following our AGM, held on Tuesday 19th March 2019, members have voted on all the proposals put before them. All proposals were voted for in favour, with the full results below.

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Why I got involved – Jay McKenna

Jay McKenna has been involved with Spirit of Shankly since the very beginning. He has served on the committee in all that time and is currently Chairperson, Jay is standing down at the forthcoming AGM. “I really never had any intentions of getting involved with Spirit of Shankly.

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Your union – Get involved!

Ahead of our forthcoming AGM, we want to remind you that nominations are open for members to put themselves forward to serve on the union's Management Committee. This would be an opportunity to take forward the union, speaking up for supporters and continuing the work of Spirit of Shankly in making a difference.

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