Protest review – Hicks turned away from ground

Spirit of Shankly successfully carried out a protest which was to prevent the owners entering Anfield. The empty seats in the directors box gave the message clearly that Tom and George are not welcome here.

We set out to picket all four entrances of the ground. We are telling them that the fans are the real owners of Liverpool Football Club and that they are not welcome here. We will continue this course of action until they do the right thing and sell up.

During the protest the Police announced to everyone by the Shankly Gates that they were not allowing the owners into the ground due to Health and Safety reasons. Shortly after a Range Rover which was believed to contain Tom Hicks was stopped a few hundred yards from the ground by the King Harry pub. A police officer entered the car and the car subsequently turned round and left the proximity of the stadium. Foster Gillett arrived later on close to kick off to avoid the protests and remained in the ground until late so not to be seen.

We would like to thank all who turned up yesterday to offer their support. Also, we want to remind Tom and George that we will continue to show them that they are not welcome here.