Questions about the club stopping tickets

Since the weekend match versus Southampton, and subsequent social media posts, supporters have contacted us complaining about problems entering Anfield. It appears tickets have been stopped from working, having been identified as part of ticketing investigations. Supporters, who are none the wiser to this, are asked for ID, told new cards will be sent out or in some cases the tickets are under investigation.

Spirit Of Shankly is alarmed at this approach from the club. We spent many hours earlier this year and throughout the summer working with the club, helping them to establish a new approach and process on supporter issues, investigations and possible sanctions. We believed this was positive and in good faith.

At the same time, we have been in conversations with the club as part of the Ticket Accessibility Forum, looking to find adequate ways to facilitate what already happens – tickets being shared amongst friends, family and in several cases not in the name of the person affected. It is on the latter point that we are representing supporter views on a proposed ‘amnesty’ to ensure tickets are in the correct name.

It would therefore be sensible if the club were to pause on any action around tickets being shared or passed on. It was our understanding that this was in place but it would appear this is not the case.

We understand the club has a responsibility to supporters and wants to tackle serious issues about tickets, including touting. That is their job. But the club has acknowledged that supporters do share tickets for many reasons including cost, work and family commitments, and that a solution needs to be found to this in this first instance.

However, it would appear from reports received that this is not happening. We have contacted the club to ask for urgent clarification on this and for it to stop. We have asked them to ensure that supporters are not affected attending tonight’s match versus Chelsea.

We will update supporters as we have any more information. Anyone who wishes to report similar problems can do so by emailing