Rail seating debate – Timeline for consultation

At our AGM on the 24th September there was a debate about whether the Union should consider taking a position on the issue of rail seating at football grounds. This had arisen from members asking over a period of time what the Union’s position was in relation to this subject.

The debate at the AGM was positive and respectful and both at the meeting and subsequently, when members were asked to vote, it was overwhelmingly the case that members wanted this issue considering and a position taken by the Union.

To that end the Union is publishing a timetable for fact finding, debate and a decision to be made. That timetable is listed below and is available to download also.

The Union is committed to this debate being conducted with the utmost respect and in an atmosphere allowing all opinions to be heard and where necessary, challenged. We hope those contributing will do so positively and constructively.

We would welcome any additional views from members about this issue that will be collated and included in the discussions. Additionally if any organisations or groups not formally listed would wish to contribute we would be happy to hear from them.

If anyone has any comments or queries, or wishes to contact us to make a submission or discuss this, please do so emailing chair@spiritofshankly.com

Rail Seating Debate – Timeline for Consultation

For queries and submissions, please email chair@spiritofshankly.com

  1. Publish planned timetable to stakeholders and invite them to take part in the debate

No later than 1st November 2016

  1. Stakeholders being asked to contribute (this may expand):
    1. SOS Members;
    2. HJC/HFSG/Hope for Hillsborough;
    3. Family members & survivors not aligned to any group;
    4. Other LFC supporters;
    5. Liverpool Football Club;
    6. Football Supporters Federation/Supporters Direct/Other Club trusts;
    7. Ground Safety Experts (both pro and anti);
    8. Liverpool City Council Ground Safety Advisory Group;
    9. Merseyside Police/Merseyside Fire Brigade;
    10. LFC Supporters Committee/Spion Kop 1906/Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association;
  2. Written submissions from Stakeholders by

No later than 31st December 2016

  1. Set and complete the following engagements:
    1. Individual Private Meetings with SOS Sub-Committee and any stakeholders*;
    2. Individual Open Meetings with SOS Sub-Committee and any stakeholders*;
    3. “Question Time” style meeting with representatives either side of the debate;
    4. Open Meeting with representatives of either side of the debate – floor debate;

*At the option of the stakeholders

No later than 31st March 2017

Open debates to be recorded and streamed

5. SOS to produce preliminary report summing up the issues raised by those responding

No later than 30th April 2017

6. Publish written report to members with proposed resolutions for EGM to decide SOS position

No later than 31st May 2017

7. Call EGM and publish resolutions to be debated and seek any other resolutions

No later than 30th June 2017

8. Record meeting (and stream) and then obtain Members’ decision on resolutions

No later than 14th July 2017

9. Report decisions of members and release information to public

No later than 20th July 2017