Request for LFC to engage regarding Kyiv

As part of the new supporter liaison set-up, LFC have, over the course of the season, held several match day meetings covering various topics. All in the name of supporter engagement.

A meeting has been set for Sunday morning, 13 May, to discuss the proposed season-ticket amnesty. Spirit of Shankly appreciate this is an important subject, but at the moment supporters’ thoughts are very much focused on the Champions League final in two weeks’ time.

Serious questions have been raised in relation to the accessibility and cost for supporters going to this match. SOS have flagged these concerns with the club and have also contacted them to request that the time set aside for Sunday’s meeting is used to discuss these matters.

The supporter-liaison meetings are, supposedly, about fan engagement. Since qualifying for the final, all correspondence SOS have received from members has been about ticketing/transport and accommodation issues.

These must take precedent ahead of any season-ticket discussions. The amnesty proposal has been on the table for a number of years, so another few weeks won’t hurt.

LFC were keen to engage and consult with SOS as the official Supporters’ Trust ahead of the semi-final in Roma, and we welcomed the opportunity. This must continue for the final.

SOS, at this stage, are not prepared to attend a meeting on behalf of supporters without the final being the main item on the agenda.

We also ask that if we do have the meeting, a further representative of SOS be in attendance.