Response to Mayor Anderson

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Response to Mayor Anderson

Spirit of Shankly are angered by comments made by Liverpool City Mayor, Joe Anderson.

The Mayor has chosen to speak out on a hypothetical matter, namechecking Liverpool FC supporters without discussion with those fans or fan groups.

There is no evidence to support the Mayor’s perception that Liverpool supporters will break any lockdown regulations and gather outside of Anfield should football be resumed and played behind closed doors.

LFC, in their statement on the matter, refer to their engagement with supporters’ groups.

SOS raised this issue with the club, back on 13 March, ten days before lockdown began. We agreed then a determination to respect social-distancing measures and, in the event of a resumption of football, we would continue to work together, along with other key stakeholders, in achieving this objective.

Rather than disparaging words about football fans, it would have been more beneficial for the City Mayor to acknowledge the work being done by those same people in easing pressures on the city’s old and vulnerable at this time. SOS alone up to now have delivered more than 1,000 food parcels, and are active partners in helping with the supply of PPE and @SFoodbanks

We ask the Mayor to retract his statement and work with fans to support all during this time of crisis.

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