SOS statement on recent events

Recent events surrounding the FA charge against Luis Suarez have brought racism in football to the forefront of the news agenda. Unlike others, who have chosen to make ill-informed comments, Spirit of Shankly does not feel qualified to make public pronouncements on what is essentially a player discipline issue to be dealt with by club, player and the FA as they see fit.
However, we note with increasing concern attempts to tarnish both the Club and LFC supporters with a reputation for racism that we do not feel is deserved. Events at the FA Cup game, which are now subject to a police investigation, have seemingly already been thoroughly examined and a “guilty” verdict summarily passed on an entire city by elements of the media.
Notwithstanding the outcome of this investigation, Spirit of Shankly stands resolutely against racism in all its insidious forms and stands four square behind the TUC’s “Root Out Racism” campaign.
While our members will have their own opinions on the conduct and outcome of the Suarez case, the Union urges all LFC supporters to maintain vigilance against attempts to exploit recent events for the purposes of pushing back the gains made in fighting racism both in football and in society at large.