Spirit Of Shankly to meet Ian Ayre to discuss ticket prices

Following last week’s announcement by LFC about the new tiered pricing structure for season tickets and individual match tickets, supporters have been openly discussing the changes, what it means to them, and for many how much more they are going to have to pay.

The release of the information, much earlier than in previous years, has prompted more questions than it has answered. These range from issues such as how the Club has arrived at this decision about an increase in some prices to more practical queries about whether supporters in the more expensive parts of the ground will be allowed to move their seats.

Earlier this week, we said that the ticket prices were an ‘insult to long-standing supporters’ and we stand by this. We believe supporters, with the implementation of these prices and lack of adequate or proper consultation around this matter, are being forced into a corner of paying up or having to give up something valuable to them.

As a result, we have spoken with LFC officials about our concerns and a delegation from the Union’s Management Committee will meet with LFC Managing Director Ian Ayre next Tuesday. At this meeting we will raise the concerns and questions from our members about the ticket price changes and seek answers from the club.

We will report back on this meeting afterwards. As previously requested, if supporters would like to give us their comments and views on the price changes, you can do so via tickets@spiritofshankly.com or on Twitter and Facebook