Support the Supporters – Hull protest donations

For two years Spirit of Shankly has been at the forefront of a national campaign to get a fair deal on ticket prices for all football supporters.

From national demonstrations to public meetings and banners at matches, Spirit of Shankly has worked with “SpionKop 1906” and with supporters organisations from Everton, Arsenal, Spurs, Manchester City, Manchester United and many others to get the message across.
This campaign steps up a gear on Tuesday night when we estimate that more than 500 seats will be empty in the Liverpool section of Hull City’s KC Stadium. Liverpool supporters have purchased concessionary tickets and will be staying away from the game.
This action has been achieved through co-operation between Spion Kop 1906, the organisers of away supporters’ coaches, Liverpool supporters’ websites and Spirit of Shankly. It has also required a financial commitment from the people participating in the protest. Many supporters have offered to make their own financial contribution to assist those who may not be able to afford this commitment and to support future actions.
Following this, Spirit of Shankly has launched a Campaign Fund that you can donate to via PayPal using and inserting “Campaign Fund” in the message box.*
Any contribution you can make, from £1 to the £10 price of a concessionary ticket for the Hull City fixture, will be gratefully received.
Your donations will be ring-fenced for the ticket price campaign, which has already resulted in a £200,000 “away fans’ initiative” at every Premier League club.
This is your campaign, please play your part and donate.
*To donate, visit and use the Send option at the top. The process is self explanatory.