Ticket Prices at Away Games – Update

Following the resolution at our last EGM, the Liverpool Supporters’ Union has been working on its plan to campaign for a flat rate of a £25 away ticket price for all supporters at Premier League matches. Away ticket prices have hit the national headlines in recent days, due to the £62 cost of a ticket for the  forthcoming Liverpool FC fixture against Arsenal. In comparison, Stoke City supporters are being charged just £32 for their equivalent fixture against Arsenal. What is clear, is that supporters of all clubs are being ripped off. Categorising football matches, however, means that some are being ripped off more than others.

The Union is currently working on actions to take place at the forthcoming Arsenal match. Discussions are ongoing about what these will involve and but once arrangements are finalised we will notifiy members of how they can participate.

As pointed out at our EGM, we cannot expect to change this situation overnight. It will require the hard yards to be walked to ensure we are successful. We are doing that now. We have been holding initial discussions with supporter organisations, Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation, about how we can work with them and supporter organisations of other clubs to develop and establish a wider national campaign on away ticket prices. We have also been discussing ideas for home tickets.

If you would like to contribute to this ongoing campaign in any way then please email admin@spiritofshankly.com

To read more about this issue please follow the link to an article appearing in today’s Guardian

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