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In January 2008, the situation at Liverpool FC led to a series of events off the pitch that have forever altered the role of supporters in our football club. We had to act, we had to protest, we had to do something. Spirit Of Shankly was born.

Today, we are a registered Industrial and Provident Society and are registered with the Financial Services Authority. We have a legal constitution and a democratically elected management committee, elected by our members, working towards our aims.

We worked closely with the family of Michael Shields to ensure he was freed from his wrongful incarceration. We have stood by Sean Cox united in his time of need. As a Union we have listened to members on the issues they face. The work of Spirit Of Shankly will continue. Loyal supporters remain and whilst they do, they need a voice. We will continue to be that voice.

Join Spirit Of Shankly – Liverpool Supporters’ Union. Your Union.

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