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Supporting former players

By taking his name Spirit of Shankly commit to honouring the legacy, values and spirit of Bill Shankly.

Shankly transformed the club by instilling his values on his team and those players gave us the history, and for some, memories, that we are so proud of today.

We were proud to host Kevin Keegan and Ian Callaghan at our tenth anniversary event at The Church, Anfield. The proceeds from that evening plus the auction of an extremely rare pair of signed Steven Gerrard Adidas Predator boots were donated to support players from the Shankly era. We were delighted to have Chris Lawler and Ian Callaghan talk in our recent film.

Today a number of players and their families, from this era will, and do, face struggles – financial, health and otherwise. They played at a time when their wages were not the vast sums of today’s game. Many would not wish to swap their glory days for today’s wages. But they still do need our support.

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