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More than a stadium

A new grassroots initiative ‘#MoreThanAStadium’ was launched on Tuesday 29 January with the aim of reminding supporters of the matchday impact they have on the Anfield area and its residents.

Concerns were raised by the local community, leading to a drive for all to work together positively, and for fans to remember their responsibilities as visitors to a place that is home for thousands.

At a neighbourhood group meeting, it was decided that rather than an outside organisation act as a middle man between residents and Liverpool FC – reporting their complaints to the club – a supporter-led push would be far more effective.

“We have the opportunity to start a grassroots, supporter action group to help with these issues,” councillor and Spirit of Shankly committee member Ian Byrne says. “The idea behind it is simple and reflected in the hashtag #MoreThanAStadium.”

More Than A Stadium leaflet SOS

The campaign is backed by Spirit Of Shankly, Spion Kop 1906, Kop Outs and Fans Supporting Foodbanks. It comes on the back of work undertaken by the club to improve the experience for local residents. There is now a dedicated cleaning team in place and more facilities around the stadium for supporters to make use of.

“It’s a grassroots supporter-led campaign backed by fan organisations, including SOS. All we ask is that all supporters remember the Anfield/Everton area is not just home to their team, but home to many people, some matchgoers themselves, and businesses, who are equally as important to the fabric of our area and city as any player in red.

“SOS believe it is fundamental that the respect and support shown in the stadium to our team is reciprocated to those in our local community. As an Anfield resident I am delighted that we and other supporter groups have shown solidarity with our communities. As always unity is strength.”

Supporters are asked to think about residents when visiting Anfield, including where they park, disposing of litter and being considerate when outside of people’s homes.

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