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Supporters Board

On Wednesday 17 August 2022 Spirit of Shankly and Liverpool Football Club entered a new era of fan engagement with the launch of the Supporters Board – a groundbreaking move that sees fan representation at board level.

The Supporters Board will bring challenge, opportunity and renewed hope with the potential to define the future of our club and set an example for others to follow. Most crucially, it gives us the supporters a fundamental, legally binding role in Liverpool FC’s decision-making processes for the first time in the club’s history.

Join Spirit of Shankly

Spirit of Shankly exist to represent the views of our members and by extension all supporters of LFC. We are recognised as the official Liverpool Supporters Trust. We have proved, and continue to do so, that if we as supporters stand together and speak with one voice fans can make a genuine difference.

By becoming a member of Spirit of Shankly you can make sure your voice is heard and represented. You can also help support our work with Liverpool FC, the city of Liverpool and the wider footballing world.

Unity is strength.

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Supporters Board

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