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Clubs advocate that Match Day Stewards are in grounds to contribute to fans’ enjoyment of the day. Their role covers safety of fans and making certain that each fan gets an unobstructed view of the game, amongst other things.

Stewards are employed by the Club and should receive training to nationally accredited standards through a training pack, the “Training Package for Stewarding at Football Grounds”. The Premier League, FA and Football League plus the Football Safety Officers Association and Football Licensing Authority helped produce the pack.

The “Conditions of Entry” (or ground regulations as they are also known) for all grounds bind you when you buy a ticket – that is, you are agreeing to be bound by them. Legally this is the “tiny writing on the ticket that says you are bound by what we say but you can’t find the actual rules anywhere handy”. In LFC’s case an email request (December 2009) for the conditions of entry to Anfield remains unanswered and these conditions cannot be found on their website.

What stewards are supposed to do?

What stewards are allowed to do?

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