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Supporters Board Committee

The Supporters Board is made up of a group of supporters that represent the club’s diverse fanbase.

Spirit of Shankly, the recognised Supporters Trust, are responsible for running the Supporters Board. They will liaise with affiliate groups and the wider supporter base in order to ensure such representation is achieved.

The Supporters Board will hold regular meetings with the club and the chair will be invited to attend LFC’s main board meetings when fan-facing strategic matters arise.


There are 10 elected members from Spirit of Shankly and six elected members from other fan organisations or experts in their field. Representatives will be in place for two-year terms.

The current Liverpool Football Club Supporters Board

  • Joe Blott  Supporters Board chair and SOS committee member
  • Harinder Singh  Supporters Board vice-chair and Faith and ethnicity independent representative
  • Ted Morris  Liverpool Disabled Supporter Association (LDSA) chair
  • Paul Amann  Kop Outs chair
  • Jay Goodall  Liverpool FC Women Supporters Club chair
  • Lee Foley  OLSC Glasgow, elected by OLSC group chairs
  • Paddy Fitzsimons  Spion Kop 1906
  • Anna Burgess  SOS committee member
  • Mohan Singh Randhawa  SOS committee member
  • Ian Byrne  SOS committee member
  • Mark Johnson  SOS committee member
  • Gareth Roberts  SOS committee member
  • Paul Khan  SOS chair
  • Roy Bentham  SOS committee member

Following a vote by all 16 members, Joe Blott has been elected as chair.

Each representative signs a code of conduct and completes a familiarisation programme to help them gain a deeper understanding of how the club operates in areas that will be critical to ongoing conversations. This means they will be able to discuss truly meaningful strategic issues with the club.

Spirit of Shankly

Established in 2008, Spirit of Shankly exist to represent the views of our members and by extension all supporters of LFC.

We give a voice to and campaign for our members and Liverpool supporters locally, nationally and across the world. We have over 300,000 worldwide followers on social media.

Our representatives have an open and positive relationship with LFC club officials, but we will always hold them to account. We believe in upholding and respecting the Shankly values that helped make this club great.

One of our mandates is that LFC, and us as its supporters, should be a positive force for good within our local community. You can read more about the initiatives your membership goes towards supporting here. We stand firmly against discrimination of any kind.

We are recognised as the official Liverpool Supporters Trust

A Supporters’ Trust is a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters. Ours is committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision-making process at LFC and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.

The club are obliged to engage in consultation with supporters through Premier League regulation and SOS, as the recognised supporters’ trust, provide this formal mechanism.

There are 10 SOS committee members on the Supporters Board. They are contractually obliged to represent everyone within the club’s diverse fanbase and have been elected along with the other SB members from organised LFC fan groups.


Ted Morris is the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association representative

“LDSA aim to ensure equality and fairness for disabled supporters at LFC. We are fortunate that the club respect our aims and work with us to facilitate our disabled supporters. Sadly, outside of LFC, there is much work to be done.

“The LDSA were established in 2003 by LFC and disabled supporters. With affiliation to LFC, the LDSA address issues affecting disabled supporters relating to stadium access, pitch view, parking, accessible toilets, access to retail outlets and any other matter relating to facilities for disabled supporters. We intend to bring together like-minded LFC disabled supporters and help ensure a fantastic matchday experience for everyone.

“We currently have over 2,000 members worldwide. Our youngest is two, our most senior 95. Our members come from all over the world, and we have at least one member on every continent. We also have affiliations with two schools. We are proud to have over 500 junior members.

“We engage with our members via monthly newsletters and social media. We have an annual forum and AGM, and we get together for two annual parties at Anfield, one at the season’s end and a junior members’ Christmas party. We have an annual sports day at the Brunswick Community Centre in Bootle, hosted by Jamie Carragher. We hold cooking-at-home nights with our members and regularly take our junior members to watch LFC play at Anfield free of charge.”

Contact: Website | Twitter | Instagram

Kop Outs

Kop Outs was launched at Liverpool Pride in 2016 and is the club’s officially recognised LGBT+ supporters group. Our patron is Glen Hysén’s son, Anton, who is one of the world’s few out gay professional players. Paul Amann, Kop Outs chair:

“Kop Outs has grown to represent LGBT+ Liverpool supporters from across the globe. We keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and we put out a newsletter periodically. We run an active Telegram channel for members to chat.

“We work with fellow fans to ensure the safety of LGBT+ fans. This includes challenging issues of vile chanting, and educating people through conversations on podcasts, radio and through our social media. We support the Foundation’s Football v Homophobia work with their tournaments and LGBT+ workshops for young people.

“We organise occasional in-person meet ups in Liverpool to watch the match and to take part in LGBT+ events. We link fans attending matches to catch up at Anfield. Every year we march with the Club and Foundation and allies at Liverpool Pride.”

Faith & Ethnicity

Harinder Singh is the faith and ethnicity representative.

“I bring my own specific experiences to the role, but alongside being uniquely identifiable, I look to add the collective views of Liverpool fans, irrespective of their faith, ethnicity and/or culture or location in the world.

“As the independent person on the Supporters Board, I don’t represent any one particular faith or ethnicity group, that being said, the one thing we all embrace is doing better and being better for the fans of LFC. My aim will always be to represent as best as possible all sentiments associated with the SB remit and to help any fan/supporter with issues they may face.”

Contact: Twitter

Spion Kop 1906

Paddy Fitzsimons represents Spion Kop 1906, the group who organise flags and banner displays on The Kop.

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Global OLSC

Liverpool Football Club has over 300 Official LFC Supporters Clubs (OLSCs) in 100 countries worldwide. Lee Foley, chair of Glasgow Reds OLSC, was elected to represent all global regions of Official Liverpool Supporter Clubs network:

“The OLSC network has 13 elected individuals, each representing a different region of the world.

“We have around 250,000 members, correct as of 2022, with 35,000-40,000 official LFC Membership holders. We have individual representatives to communicate on matters to gauge local opinions, an OLSC Representative Group tasked to communicate these opinions to the club, and at times give our opinions on behalf of our regions.”

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Liverpool Women Supporters Club

Jo Goodall, Liverpool FC Women Supporters Club chair

“LFCWSC has more than 700 members across the globe and we encourage fans to sign up for free. We engage via social media and through quarterly newsletters as well as trying to welcome new faces on match days.

“Holding occasional events, including pre-match meet-ups where possible we aim to provide a safe and fun platform for supporters across the women’s game to come together and support the Red women as one big LFC family.”