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As a Union, Spirit Of Shankly has fought tirelessly and continually to represent the best interests of our members. We campaign on the issues that affect supporters on a daily basis. A key goal is to establish supporter representation within our club.

This union is committed to supporting the Anfield community in which our football club is based. We recognise the impact on local residents from tens of thousands of supporters turning up weekly throughout the season.

It has always been the aim of this union to support those seeking to improve the Anfield area. It is why we co-founded Fans Supporting Foodbanks and we are one of those supporting the #MoreThanAStadium campaign.

For all those who told us there is nothing you can do, and there were many, our position remains as defiant as when we first started – If we come together, stand together and speak as one, then we can and will bring about change.

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Fans supporting foodbanks

Ian Rush SOS Liverpool Foodbanks

Thank you so much for my parent’s food parcel, they were very surprised as I hadn’t told them just in case one didn’t get to them. They were overwhelmed.

I have had symptoms this week so I haven’t been able to get them anything, so hopefully this will stop my dad from having to go the shop for essentials.

Many thanks, keep up the amazing work.

Thank you so much for the delivery of food to Harry. He’s just rang me and he’s absolutely thrilled.

He said he was running out of food and going out tomorrow and now he doesn’t have to.

I’m in tears here and I know he’s now safe. Thank you all again, you are real life angels x

Thank you for the food bags, they have all been distributed.

If you manage to get any more please keep us on your list as I have lots of families who live in extreme poverty who would greatly benefit. Thank you again, you have made such a big difference x

A couple of days ago, my Mum received what she described as ‘two big bags of shopping ‘ on her doorstep. She is very independent as you know.

But as a 79 year old she is.self isolating and finding this difficult to get used to.

I just wanted to send some heartfelt thanks from myself and the rest of the family for this incredible act of kindness.

You will be aware that Arthur has been pretty unwell recently. He is now in a care home and we are currently not allowed to visit.

So this food delivery is just another indication that many people are thinking of us at this time.

Please pass our thanks on to all your incredible members. YNWA.

Me Grandma got a food parcel off use before , she’s 94 and was proper made up with what she got.

Nice one for that. Boss what youse are doing.

I’ve just phoned her she said to tell you thank you and god bless you all x

Hope you are all keeping safe and well as best we all can at the moment x

On behalf of Merseycare Phlebotomy service I would like to thank you for the lovely surprise of supplies received today as arranged by yourself.

It was a lovely thought and was a welcome surprise for the staff. On behalf of myself and the team “thank you for thinking about us.”

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