2c. Represent members 1200 280


As an organisation that has the best interests of the fans at heart, we want it recognised that there are a number of rules or behaviours that should be observed by ourselves and the club as a whole. We also believe that there are issues that we, as a group, want to see resolved or at least improved for the benefit of us all.

Constant Aims

  • To represent the best interests of our members and by extension the best interests of the supporters of Liverpool Football Club on both the local and international level.
  • To hold whoever owns the football club to account

Short Term Aims

  • To institute a functioning structure for the Spirit Of Shankly.
  • To create long lasting relationships with all aspects of Liverpool FC’s supporting community.
  • To improve the quality of service for Liverpool FC’s supporters.
  • To improve the standard and value of travel arrangements for Liverpool FC’s supporters.

Medium Term Aims

  • To work with any relevant agencies to improve the area of Anfield.
  • To build links with grassroots supporter groups both home and abroad.

Long Term Aim

  • To bring about supporter representation at board room level.

Ultimate Aim

  • Supporter ownership of Liverpool Football Club.