A tribute to Dan Kay

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dan Kay and send our sympathies to his family and friends.

Dan was a tireless campaigner for social justice and those in need, and will forever be remembered for his work fighting for the families and survivors of Hillsborough.

A committed journalist and constant support to those affected, he covered the 2014 – 2016 warrington inquests that concluded all those who died on 15 April 1989 were unlawfully killed, reporting live for the Liverpool Echo.

He co-wrote, with the late Anne Williams’s daughter Sara, With Hope In Her Heart, an account of Anne’s fight for justice for her son, Kevin and later produced a visual tribute 97 Candles Burn Bright in memory of the 97.

Latterly, Dan was part of the Echo’s sports team, writing about the Reds with a focus on their history and legendary players and could often be heard on podcasts discussing LFC and various campaigns and fundraising initiatives he was involved in.

A lifelong Red, loyal member and supporter of SOS, Dan was a popular, caring, loving man and we will miss him immensely. The world is a darker place without him.

RIP Dan, one of the best.