Anfield is Home to Football

Spirit of Shankly have noted with concern reports in the press that LFC are discussing hosting a pre-season ‘home’ match against Napoli at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in July. The club are also considering other stadiums, including venues in Scotland.

SOS are anxious this will set a dangerous precedent. LFC have a global fan base, does this mean they will look to move more games in the future, and will these be friendlies or of more significance?

Speculation in recent years about game 39 and a European super league only add to the fear that the game, and our club, are moving away from their traditional roots.

LFC play pre-season tournaments and games abroad and have, over past years, played a final match at Anfield before the season starts in earnest. This fixture is one of the few occasions that many local youngsters can get access to watch their idols play – the cost and availability of tickets making it impossible during the campaign.

Anfield will host three concerts in June, upsetting regular close-season preparation of the pitch, another reason the move has been mooted. We are Liverpool it means more … than a pop concert.

Such events should never impact on the football team. Anfield is home to LFC  – a football club first and foremost, not a gig venue. Playing football matches there is the reason it was built.