As a Union, Spirit Of Shankly has fought tirelessly and continually to represent the best interests of our members. Our aims and what we stand have meant we have campaigned on several issues, with our most high profile campaigns having been against the ownership of Tom Hicks and George Gillett, and the wrongful incarceration of Michael Shields.

Our campaign against Hicks and George Gillett was long and hard, but ultimately successful. Despite the ups and downs, the difficulties and the challenges, we overcame the apathy, the naysayers and the might of two supposed billionaires to push them out of the Shankly Gates for good. We made clear that Tom and George were not welcome here.

The Free Michael Shields campaign could not be in a greater contrast to the battle for control of our club. However, the situation was equally as desperate. A wrongfully jailed supporter, we worked with Michael’s family, friends and supporters to ensure their voices were heard and his injustice corrected. Like in many of our battles, we were successful and Michael was freed in September 2009.

Future campaigns will follow.  We will campaign for supporter representation within our club and one day for full supporter ownership. In the meantime we will campaign on the issues that affect supporters on a daily basis such as ticket prices, availability and allocation.

For all those who told us there is nothing you can do, and there were many, our position remains as defiant as when we first started – If we come together, stand together and speak as one, then we can and will win.