Shankly Memorial at Glenbuck

Spirit of Shankly are delighted and honoured to attend the ceremony of the restoration of the Glenbuck Heritage Site, which will include the unveiling of a new memorial to Bill Shankly.

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Spirit of Shankly marches on you tube

Spirit of Shankly marches on you tube Protest before the United game (Spirit of Shankly) // 13.09.08 "They only care about Money They don't care about fans Liverpool Football Club Is in the wrong hands!" Spirit of Shankly Liverpool FC supporters union chanting 'Yanks Out... Now' and singing 'Lying bastards' towards directors entrance to Anfield after the game against Bolton on Jan 30th 2010. LFC co-owner Tom Hicks attended that match anonymously. Spirit Of Shankly march Pt 1 [...]

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