Champions League final ticket update

Following the FA Cup triumph on Saturday (14 May), Spirit of Shankly have been in contact with Liverpool regarding the ticket allocation for the Champions League final in Paris.

To begin, LFC received a derisory 19618 tickets from UEFA, see our response here. The club have no say in this, but they do have a say in how they subsequently share them.

Of that number, the club have stated there are four main ticket allocation pots for the Champions League Final that currently look like this:

  • Main allocation for supporters 64%
  • Contractual allocation for supporters (which includes season hospitality members and priority rights holders) 21%
  • Matchday allocations (including game officials, players and media) 13%
  • Contractual allocation for LFC commercial partners 2%

That general supporters are to get just 64 per cent has left many angry, frustrated and wondering why staff demand is so high. Following the huge outcry from our fans, we asked the club to clarify the exact nature of the allocation, if it was consistent with previous years, and what can be done to address the situation. In response, they told us yesterday:

“In summary, 85% of tickets are available to supporters either from the general ballot or through contracts they have with the Club. We understand there is also some concern about which groups are in the third pot. To be clear, this includes allocations for the manager and coaching staff, all members of the playing staff, backroom and AXA training centre staff, academy playing and backroom staff, former players, ballot for general LFC staff and some small charitable donations.”

Also, a further 258 tickets, released from the first ballot sale, and a further 202 released from internal allocations, have been made available to fans. The club have said they do expect more tickets (numbers TBC) to be made available in the next couple of days as more tickets are returned from the above pots.

They went on to say “the allocations are fixed but, as with any game, tickets returned are made available to those on the waiting list.”

But the problem ultimately, is that general supporter allocation at 64 per cent, however it is split, is not enough. Everyone at the club, from the top down, is keen to say how important the fans in the ground are to the team’s success. It’s a shame more of them won’t be there to see it in Paris next week.

As a priority, we need a commitment from LFC, and UEFA, to work with us and Football Supporters Europe to ensure a more equitable allocation and fairer distribution of tickets in the future.

We have a meeting with the club again today, and will again update our members.