Direct action banners

As part of the ongoing campaign to ensure that Tom Hicks and George Gillett are made not welcome at Anfield, we would like to urge our members, and Liverpool fans, to keep in mind the need for a visual message of what we as fans want – Hicks and Gillett out.

Spirit Of Shankly is asking members to assist in ensuring this visual message is maintained inside the ground. We would like people to produce banners, of any size, for display inside Anfield and away grounds, starting at the Portsmouth game, and continuing on a regular basis. This will remind Tom and George, that no matter what lies they tell, what promises they make, they will not be welcome at Anfield, and they will not be welcome as owners of our club.

Liverpool supporters are known for our individuality and creativity so…

Make your banners, give your message – Tom and George, Not Welcome Here!

(If you require any advice on the making of banners, please email