Direct action – Member input

Spirit Of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters Union, is currently looking at different methods of appropriate action that can be taken, against Tom Hicks, George Gillett, or those involved in the financing of their ownership of Liverpool Football Club.

As part of this, we would like to consult with members, and ask for suggestions for the following:

1. What action, if any, do you feel we should be taking?
2. What do you feel it would achieve?
3. How would you be able to support any action taken?
4. Is there any action that you feel SOS should not take?

Any action would be for the short term (over the summer) or long term (next season).

Spirit Of Shankly is here to respond to members views and take the lead where necessary. This is a Union for all of us, and this is why we are asking for your ideas, to ensure we are acting on your wishes.

Should you have any suggestions or answers to the questions, could you please forward them to

If you are interested in working more closely on implementing any plans for action, could you please indicate this in any email.

Spirit Of Shankly.