EGM outcome and meeting with Christian Purslow

The Spirit of Shankly Supporters’ Union met at The Olympia on Saturday to allow the Management Committee to launch its proposed direct action campaign to see the American “owners” removed from the Club.

The campaign is to send a clear and unequivocal signal to the owners that they are no longer welcome at our airport, hotels, restaurants, ground, club or city. The campaign will focus upon media profile, leafleting, billboards and banners.

We plan protests, banners and chanting at the Debrecen game this Wednesday, at West Ham next Saturday (if you are going please get in touch with Jay McKenna at and the away game at Leeds United (which will have a special resonance bearing in mind we are moving towards being “the next Leeds”).

In addition we are asking for anyone who can help with intelligence on their proposed arrival within the city for matches to let us know as far in advance as possible. This will lead to direct, non-violent action, to prevent them from getting from their planes to their hotels, from their hotels to restaurants or pubs, from getting close to our ground, from getting into the ground and if in the ground, to consider disruption within there too.

Interestingly, following our meeting on Saturday we have been contacted by the Club and representatives from the Committee have been invited to meet Christian Purslow on Wednesday before the Debrecen game.

The Committee will be putting the leaflet questions (and others) to the Club at that meeting. Members are asked to email if they have any further questions about the ownership or financing (the meeting will be limited to these issues only) – if we can we will include these and we will, of course, report back afterwards to all members.

The leaflet handed out at Saturday’s match can be downloaded here.