European Ticket Collection

Ahead of the Champions League draw today, Liverpool FC have ‘reminded’ fans of their plan to continue with ticket collection for European away games this season. A plan that means travelling supporters have to collect their match ticket in a specified location somewhere in the city where the fixture will be played, most usually on the day of the game.

Spirit of Shankly are completely opposed to this practice.

LFC’s changes to ticket policy for European matches, made to tackle ticket misuse, have an unreasonable impact on match going fans. These away trips are for many supporters a well-earned holiday or break, some make it a day-trip. Collecting tickets takes out a chunk of time from the day and can be an added cost. LFC need to take this on board.

Often the experience of getting to and into the stadium is not a good one. The ticket-collection fiasco only adds to that, in short: zero regard for – ‘paying customers’ – the fans. Using the game away at Benfica last season as an example: supporters spent time travelling to a collection point that was not easily accessible then had to queue before they were seen. Many were asked to return later as their tickets were not yet available for pick-up. Two trips to collect a ticket is not acceptable.

Once at the ground, supporters were kettled and mistreated by local authorities, hundreds missing kick-off. At the end of the match, they were then kept in the ground for over an hour before being herded out like animals.

The club should be doing everything in their power to ensure their supporters have a safe, enjoyable trip.

LFC have had the summer to discuss their plans for European away games. Yet, with just weeks from a potential fixture, SOS have been given notice and asked to attend a last-minute meeting tomorrow.

Throughout last season, we lobbied against ticket collections and fed back issues with buying European away tickets from the club site. Nothing has changed.

Following the debacle of Paris at the Champions League final, LFC should also consider the fact many supporters will be reticent about travelling this season. For that reason, SOS ask that European away credits this season be used for a final should we get there, but are not carried forward to the next, 23/24.