Fiorentina – Protest

Picture this in some alternative universe: 9th December 2009. Liverpool line up to play their last ever Champions League group game at Anfield before moving into their newly built 60,000 seater stadium next season. Snoogy Doogy nets a hatrick in the 3-0 win over Fiorentina in a meaningless game since the Reds secured passage to the knockout stages of the Champions League in the previous game. In the pubs around Anfield after the game fans discuss what would have happened if Moores and Parry had sold to DIC with the recent news stories about financial troubles in Dubai.

Instead we have a net spend in the transfer window, that is considerably less than the owner’s expenses claims, A shovel (unless it hasn’t been sold to pay off an interest payment) that hasn’t been used and a debt that is more than the original purchase price of the club. Broken Promises, Budgets, Balance Sheets and Lies should not be something we have to worry about, but whilst they are we will make a stand.
The Spirit of Shankly calls upon all fans attending the game to show that this game is far from meaningless and this is our chance to tell the world from INSIDE the ground what Hicks and Gillett are doing to our football club.

Let us have 90 minutes of banners and chants to show that we are not going to just sit back and live from refinancing deal to refinancing deal.

Let us tell the world together that Tom and George are not welcome here.