Football Without Fans Is Nothing – The campaign starts now

At this week’s away matches, against Arsenal and Manchester City, the Liverpool Supporters’ Union, will start a campaign highlighting the increasing cost of ticket prices for away supporters and proposing a £25 flat rate for all supporters at away games.

Last week, a delegation from the Union’s Management Committee attended a Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) meeting in Manchester, along with representatives from other clubs who were also challenging the alarming increase of ticket prices.  It is hoped last week’s meeting will be the start of co-ordinated action between clubs in the North West and around the country. We will be working alongside the FSF to progress this.

To make the ‘Football Cartel’ sit up and take notice we have to take action.  At The Emirates this week, leaflets will be distributed highlighting the disproportionate increases in ticket prices and telling supporters how they can get involved in the campaign. Please take these leaflets when they are given out and also make sure friends and fellow supporters read them.

At Arsenal we’ll also be distributing posters to be held up during the game highlighting our anger and concern at these rising prices. We need all supporters who are angry about the continuing increases, who have discussed it in the pub or who have raised it direct with the Union to make sure they play their part in spreading the message. So hold the posters up at every opportunity to ensure maximum coverage – before the game and at corners near to the away end.

These actions are just the start of our campaign. This is the beginning of a long road to take on the football cartel. So play your part and make your voices heard because £nough is £nough.