For sale – but where now?

Spirit Of Shankly welcomes the news that Tom Hicks and George Gillett have begun the process of leaving Liverpool Football Club. This is something that we have campaigned for over the last two years – for them to sell the club and leave. It seems the cent has finally dropped with the realisation that they aren’t wanted or welcome at our club. They haven’t been since they broke their promises, told lies and manoeuvred the Club into its current state.

 The problems at our Club are far from over, and the issues that supporters have regarding our ownership and financial position are not resolved. While the club is officially up for sale, and Hicks and Gillett have stepped down as chairmen, they still remain at LFC – as owners and directors. Despite their announcement today, we will continue to seek their full and final removal from our club.

Our focus now has a new emphasis, in keeping with our objective of holding any new owner to account. We have witnessed the Hicks and Gillett reign which will leave a dark cloud over the club. Consequently, we would like to remind fans that while this seems to be the beginning of the end of the ownership battle with them, the war continues – we must make certain that this can never happen again at our Club.

We will now ask those running the club just what this news means – what are the intentions of the banks, the immediate future in terms of the playing side of the club, and the plans for a sale. We will be asking new chairman Martin Broughton to meet with us to discuss the issues and concerns we have. While we intend to continue to keep the pressure on for answers from Mr Broughton we would say to him that our members may be minded to suspend protests while a prompt sale proceeds, if we are given fair and honest answers and an assurance that Hicks and Gillett will not return to our Club.

Until those concerns are addressed, and fans fears allayed, then the pressure and presence will remain. We want Tom and George out, and in their place we want fit and proper owners. We do not want the same mistakes and errors of the present owners – lies, broken promises, and contempt for LFC and supporters.