George Gillett – You’re not welcome here!

George Gillett intends to visit Anfield tomorrow. His reasons behind coming are to talk to visitors about LFC branded academies across the Middle East and to talk about his ‘beloved’ NASCAR. An all expenses paid trip to Anfield is obviously the best way to do this.

Just like his missing partner Tom Hicks, George Gillett is not welcome here. Spirit Of Shankly will do everything they can to make his time in this country uncomfortable. Whilst he kept his visit quiet and flew into Manchester, and whilst he has decided to stay outside of Liverpool – in Manchester nonetheless – he still has to come to Anfield.

So tomorrow, let’s make sure George Gillett feels uncomfortable. Before and during the game. Let’s make sure he goes home with the message loud and clear, never to return. We urge all members, and everyone who cares about this football club to meet outside the Salisbury (The Solly) on Walton Breck Road at 1pm. Let us make our selves heard and seen, that George Gillett is not welcome. During the game, we urge all fans to make it known, George Gillett is not welcome. Chants have to be heard, and banners have to be seen.

Tom & George – Not Welcome Here!

Spirit Of Shankly