Joint Forces

Fans Supporting Foodbanks is a joint initiative between Spirit of Shankly and EST1878 recognising that hunger on Merseyside does not wear club colours.

Making matchday collections from fans has yielded tonnes of much-needed food to help families in North Liverpool. It is a shocking indictment that such action is necessary in today’s society but sadly that is the fact.

Both clubs have been vocal in acknowledging the incredible work done by those who manage the scheme. Everton manager Sam Allardyce said, “It’s sad that a country like ours has allowed this to happen”, and both Jurgen Klopp and Jordan Henderson have added their voices.

In a letter to the Fans Supporting Foodbanks, captain Jordan Henderson wrote: “It’s heart-breaking to think that in 2017/18 families in our society, through no fault of their own, are put into a position where finding finance to cover the cost of food is so difficult”.

Manager Klopp went further, saying he was shocked to find that foodbanks must exist in a nation as rich as ours.

But they do and unfortunately they must continue. This is why SOS back fully the ongoing Fans Supporting Foodbanks campaign. We have pledged £500 of funds to help ensure the work can carry on

and also hopefully influence other fan groups around the country to do similar.

Hunger doesn’t wear club colours, and SOS will continue to do all we can to support those in need. We urge fans to continue to contribute all they can at the drop-off points on matchdays. Next up is Manchester City on Sunday, please help if you are able.

Matchday drop-offs can be made at:

Fanzone, Anfield Road, Homebaked and Liverpool FC stoe at Anfield

Park End fanzone, St Luke’s Church and Winslow Hotel pub at Goodison