Leaving on a jet plane?

In another week where the name of Liverpool Football Club has become a byword for embarrassment, mismanagement and everything that is wrong off the field in the modern game, we have reports that Martin Broughton, Chairman of British Airways, is to become the Club’s Independent Chairman to settle the continuing squabbles between Liverpool¬† FC’s warring owners.

As always, the supporters are considered secondary in all of this – starved of information and influence, ignored by Managing Director Christian Purslow despite reasonable requests to him for information about the immediate future of our Club.

If, as expected, Martin Broughton is appointed this week, then Spirit of Shankly will respectfully but firmly ask for an early meeting with him to seek answers to the questions that supporters want answering now:

1. Who appointed you?
2. What is your role and objectives?
3. Who is running the Club?
4. What are the immediate implications for the team on the pitch and the urgent squad strengthening called for by the playing staff?
5. Is our Club for sale?
6. If the Club is for sale, what criteria, other than the asking price will you apply in accepting any bid?
7. Would you speak to supporters’ representatives about a stake being taken in the Club by them?
8. If not, why not?

While the news this week might herald the beginning of the end for Hicks and Gillett and them leaving on a jet plane (probably an LFC expenses jet not British Airways we’re afraid Martin) more questions are posed. Spirit of Shankly will continue to make Tom and George “Not Welcome” but will concentrate upon the immediate future if that is Martin Broughton and the medium term future, if new owners or investors come in.

Additionally, the Premier League continue to ignore fans who have asked pertinent questions about their “fit and proper” test (or in our Club’s case “Fat and Prosper” test) – ignoring us will not work. If you won’t respond or meet with us, then as Tom and George have seen we’ll be down to see you at our convenience.