Letter to Keir Starmer

We, Spirit of Shankly, are angered to read that you have decided to engage with The Sun.

It was a scandalous decision by the Labour Party to allow journalists from this publication into and report on Conference this year, but for a Labour Party leader to choose to appear in it is beyond belief. Particularly one who pledged never to speak to them during the leadership campaign in 2020.

The fact you have chosen to do so, and in the wake of Hillsborough claiming its 97th victim, demonstrates poor judgement, limited values and blatant disregard for the collective struggle against this publication, not just in its antipathy towards football fans and the City of Liverpool, but in its disregard of the working class movement your Labour Party purports to represent.

We condemn your decision, expect an apology to the city and a personal guarantee that you will not repeat such a gross error of judgement.