Liverpool and United say £nough is £nough

Amid the frenetic atmosphere of the Liverpool – Manchester United game last weekend, supporters of both clubs were able to put their fierce rivalry to one side to display solidarity on an issue that affects all supporters, regardless of team colours. That issue is the price of match tickets and the message is simple – £nough is £nough.

Fans in the Kop and Anfield Road away end held aloft banners with this message to show their commitment to our ongoing ticket campaign.

The Liverpool Supporters’ Union worked alongside Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) and the Independent Manchester United Supporters Association (IMUSA) for this show of united supporter strength, and to demonstrate that supporters working together is the way forward in this campaign. We hope it serves as an example to supporters of other clubs that even among the fiercest rivalries, there is also room for solidarity. We will continue to to collaborate with Manchester United supporters, and supporters of other clubs moving forward, as we look to build on the success of the campaign to date.

The reduction of away tickets using Premier League funds and the successful demonstration on 19th June at the Premier League HQ is an example of the pressure from supporters beginning to tell. Occasions like Sunday are a huge selling point for the football cartel because of the global interest.

It’s occasions like this that make the Premier League so attractive to sponsors and broadcasters who are willing to part with hundreds of millions of pounds to be associated with it. It means increased financial reward for the cartel. Yet the rewards are not shared.
As we celebrated the memory of Bill Shankly on “Super Sunday” it’s worth remembering this quote:
“The socialism I believe in is everyone working for each other, everyone having a share of the rewards. It’s the way I see football, the way I see life.”
Ask yourself, where is the supporters’ share of these rewards?
Ask yourself, why should supporters who create the the “Super Sunday Experience” have to pay increased prices to take part in it, at a time of such increased and rich rewards?
Ask yourself, what are you going to do about it?
You can do something very simple  – support our campaign. Work together with, and for, fellow supporters to make football more affordable. Make your voice heard on ticket prices. This season, it’s time to take our share of the rewards.
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